Gone Home


While going through a mid-life crisis Ben learns his mother has passed away in the arms of Fabio in Italy and that he must run an inherited senior home with his estranged brother. In Florida.

You could say life is pretty normal for Ben. He’s thinking about renovating the kitchen, buying a red convertible or a big watch. He sold his business and is pondering buying it back and his current girlfriend, the one he thought isn’t crazy, is crazy. On the other side of town is Steven his estranged brother, different fathers, same mom (who’s retired and dating Fabio in Tuscany). You could say that Steven is job hunting, but he’s not, despite his contract with a German documentary film crew that follows him around. Steven is somewhat of a slacker and loves his soft PJ’s. Then the brothers get word that their mom passed away and in order to inherit the family fortune, they must successfully run a retirement home together, for a year.