Who We Are

Fooya Films is an international film production company managed by Assaf Ben Shetrit and Cat Ventura. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Los Angeles, California. Fooya Films primary focus is to develop, produce and market visionary stories by exciting new voices in a variety of genres for the international marketplace.

Our Staff


“I’ve worked with Assaf in the past years, and I’ve discovered a great Writer, a Director with a unique voice, and a wonderful man – who is always willing to listen, but at the same time knows exactly what he wants to achieve with his material.

Working with Assaf was a great experience, not only because I earned a new friend and colleague, but also because I was able to learn from him, and that is the basis for a good collaboration – to be able to give and receive, and grow together from the process.

Plus, he gives a mean massage, but that story is for another time.”

Eitan Gafny Director and Producer, White Beach Productions

“Assaf is one of the best directors we’ve had a chance to work with. He spent time understanding our vision, while also incorporating his own unique perspective. He was amazing to work with, and the final product blew us away. A true piece of art!”

Andrew Eapen (YOOV)

Assaf had a clear vision for the project, was flexible in his thinking, and quieted my anxieties. On set, he was organized, professional and very time efficient. He brought a joy to the set that was very inspirational, as he clearly has a passion for his work.  Most importantly, I was able to trust Assaf fully and surrender to the unknowns in the process.

Ivory Tifa

Working with producer Assaf Ben Sherit and his team on two music video projects has been so freaking great that I call them #TeamAwesome. So much can go wrong with production which is why working with this team has taken a huge weight off the shoulders of myself and my client. With superb communication skills, respect for budget, fantastic positive attitudes, and commitment to the highest quality content, I can’t sing their praises enough!! Look no further. Hire them now. You’re Welcome.

Melanie Vesey head of Promotional Rescue PR, Consulting and Management company