Having spent twelve years in a mental institute Russell Hyde must come to terms with the modern world and pick up the pieces of his past as a failed superhero.

Twelve long years have passed and Russell Hyde is being released from the looney bin. Deemed ‘sane and ready to rejoin society’, only one question remains: ‘is it crazy to think there’s room for one more superhero?’ Having watched from afar as his counterparts (Ax-Man, Bolt, Flex, Fortitude, even The Flea) achieved overarching fame thanks to three picture deals and endorsements Splash, who’s Russell’s secret identity, is ready to rejoin society. However, our hero must adjust to smart phones and gluten free muffins, expose Admiral Power who framed him and find a way to mend a
tarnished resume as an atrocious superhero. Well this and also deal with an ex-wife, a daughter who’s hitting her ‘I hate you deeply’ teenage angst and a side-kick, Koi, who’s taking studio meetings, eclipsing his former mentor.